“As you think in your heart so it is”
Elizabeth Gutierrez


Elizabeth’s first Spanish-language soap opera role was in the critically acclaimed “Olvidarte Jamas” born in Los Angeles, California to Mexican parents, Elizabeth Gutierrez is the youngest of seven siblings. She began her television career in 2003 when she was selected to participate in the highly acclaimed Miami-based reality TV show, “Protagonistas de Novelas”, from the Spanish-language network, Telemundo. Her participation on the successful reality show not only helped her gain experience and technique in her acting craft but also gave her exposure and opened up doors for other opportunities in the business.

Elizabeth’s first Spanish-language soap opera role was in the critically acclaimed “Olvidarte Jamas”, skyrocketing her career to household name status. She was then offered an exclusive contract by Venevision Productions, the company in charge of producing “Olvidarte Jamas”, and worked on two more exclusive projects including, “Acorralada”, and “Amor Comprado”.

She went on to play leading roles in “El Rostro de Analia” on Telemundo, which aired in 95 countries around the world, as well as “Corazon Salvaje” and “El Fantasma de Elena”. Gutierrez also participated in Univision’s highly rated reality show “Mira Quien Baila”, where she danced her way to one of the top three finalists. She later landed the lead role in Telemundo’s “El Rostro de la Venganza”. Elizabeth also headlined in the Miami-based play, “Brujas”.

Elizabeth resides in Miami with her two beautiful children, Christopher and Kailey, who she shared with fellow actor, William Levy. She is currently working with her own skin care line Ely by Cassia Cardoso, and her lifestyle blog beYOUtiful, while dedicating a portion of her free time to supporting St. Jude Children’s Hospital and their work in pioneering research and treatments for kids with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.